Beautiful Sunset on Cenang Beach:Langkawi

I admit I am a sunset aficionado, whenever I travel to a new country never step on, a different city never visit, or a close town nearby my place, I couldn’t help searching for an open area just to sit there and watch the sunset. Normally I prefer the sea view, but a beautiful park or a landmark with an open view toward the western side are also great options for opportunities to see extraordinary sunset view.


The second date in Lankawi island, Vesic and I take a small walk alone the Cenang beach in the afternoon, simply watch couples waving with the tides in the sea, listen to the jazz music from pubs and restaurants lined along the beach. The sinking sun takes the burning hot day off, brings crisp air to a pleasant evening time.


When we join a group of tourists sit on a stone fence, we are marveled to see blazing flames in their eyes from the reflect of sunlight, I know it’s not merely the sunlight effect, but their bright and vigorous status shown through their eyes. After a leisure day carefree on the island, I can feel the vitality inside myself, I know all the others are also irrigated with great energy here, that’s why they all look so fresh at the sunset.


Since the sun plunks down, the twilight hues change swiftly, from orange to red then to indigo and purple, and clouds capriciously reshape its form, the view is so wild and ever-changing in tropics, unlike back in subtropical area, sun sinks in a more peaceful way, slips down into the clouds smoothly, the sky is like a color depth, levels of colors blend suitably with each other, people watch the scenery with a light smile, like the satisfied and serene smile before falling sleep. But here, the sky is dazzling, implying the start of a carousal endless night.  Let’s party!!!


We stroll along the beach, looking for a restaurant to sit and chat, there are dozens of wooden chairs and round tables scatter on the sandy beach, with the open space toward the sea waves the breeze wash through our faces, we casually choose one restaurant which is almost full-up, sit into the only vacant table with leftover on it.


We quickly order ourselves a set of barbecue and a beaker of beer, then kick off the flip-flops, sink our bare foot into the warm sands. The only illuminant around our table is the candle light, we talk about our adventure hopping the islands in the morning, skim over the snaps we take in Malaysia,  then take a slug of the beer, start other conversation till the palatable seafood barbecue serves to our table, strongly seasoned shrimps, coconut rich rice, yummy! This is life in Langkawi, life on a beach!

Selamat Datang! Langkawi, I love beach, sunset and barbecue!!!!