Hundred-year-history Chinese traditional architecture


We walked along the winding country road of iron sheet houses, passing through paddy field and some vegetable gardens surrounded by mountains, we hardly saw a sign of an intelligent life except some dogs barking at us on the road. Pastoral scene here in Taiwan was not like extensive farmlands, but usually smaller for its limited cultivated lands on the island.

We slowed down our pace to capture the smell of paddy in the air, and kept advancing toward the hundred-year-old Chinese traditional brick architecture: San Ho Yuan.

IMG_2730We are very lucky to have two Dragon juniper trees welcome us at the front door.


All the door and windows of the San Ho Yuan were hung with three Spring Festival couplets.


This Sen He Yuan provides accommodation for people who want to experience 1950s Taiwanese style living room. Look, the door leads to old time Taiwan life.


Some Chinese characters written in Chinese calligraphy on the spring festival couplet saying to be simple, to be merciful.

IMG_27391950s Taiwanese farm tools hung on the wall in the dining room.


Old style Kitchen.


The light and serene atmosphere in the corridor was quite unusual.


After industrious work, farmers love to sit on the stools, chair chatting(But those in the picture were not actual farmers, they were just chatting).


Some traditional Hakka food we found 10 minutes drive from the Sen He Yuan.