Innocent kids running and jumping vigorously in Angkor Wat

Behind a temple in Angkor Wat, there’s a small Cambodian god statue at the corner, a best place to sit and look up the greatness of the temple. Since I visits Cambodia, I haven’t actually take a close look at those temples since the weather is fatally hot and too many visitors scramble to take pictures of the sculptures. So when I find this place, I know it’s the place I will love in Cambodia,  not because of its outstanding carved murals, or the famous smiling god statue, but the serene atmosphere I have been searching for in Cambodian temples.

Without crowds bustling, I  sit alone and make myself meditate for a while, finding the inner peace of myself, I review the five-day journey I have made in Angkor Wat, a city with so much differences from any others I have been: The half hour sailing on the flouting village, the meticulous carved stones of Angkor Wat sanctuary, all amaze me during my stay in Cambodia.

After sequent days of exploring, the must to do for me is spare at least ten minutes to half an hour, to rest and digest all stories and exciting things I have been through in  the past couples of days, so that I can remember all the goodness and badness that touch off my string during the trip.

A quarter passes, I open my eyes. A high yellowish brown building stands silently there in front of me, sculpted murals with illustrating mythology on it.  I stand up and admire the great works from ancients, feeling quite fresh from my ten minute rest.

I hear laughters from the plate of the temple, some children are frisking on the temple, so I circle to the front to find out what they are up to. There are three local kids playing jump and fall, they run from the end of the sanctuary and jump high onto the ground,  and repeat the game over and over again, not caring about visitors watching them. Children are easily satisfied with simple joy here, I am deeply charmed by their innocent smile, I cherish this moment and record it, owing to all the poverty scene I have seen during the past five days, those children in Cambodia have arms or legs losing and beg on the street, or the hard conditions they live, I feel these jumping children are so much bliss here in Cambodia.