Into the Woods


Into the depth of Aowanda forest, we rode our worn out scooter, it has companied us for a morning’s mountain roads, we turned right into the small road at the round about up to the southern mountains. It’s almost evening time, most of the people are on their way down to the hot spring hotel, to release a day’s physical tiredness.

Goods news is that we don’t have to worry about any haste cars running from behind, drive side to side with us, so close that try to kick us down the hillside, this allow us to focus on the contrary car, speeding down the hills without caring the road is so narrow which cannot contain one more space for a car, we carefully turn in every curve, all the way up to the forest.

The view becomes open while we drove deeper into the mountains, we enjoyed the sun tinted the red maples, the golden sun makes up the face of the forest, this is the place where we will stay for tonight, how gorgeous!

We stood in front of the tourist center, as night comes, people have left the forest,suddenly the atmosphere becomes so serene, we watched the twilight,and observed the color changes through the bough, nothing would disturb us from this nice moment.


Sunlight leaks from the window, we drew the curtain aside, finding it’s the best time to record the lovely morning, and ran out to the lawn in front of our cabinet, the sun shines on the trees, we deeply took a breath, enjoying the fresh air slips into our noses.