Travel Safely in Kabukichō at Night ︳Tokyo

Known as the red-light district of Tokyo, it seemed 23:00 was just day break for this area. We arrived at Kabukichō at around 23:00, aimed to experience the night life and do people watching in one of the craziest party zones in Japan.

After we elbowed our way into crowed Don Quijote, a shop filled with chaotic piles of cosplay costumes, sex toys, sit alonside with cosmetics and Japanese snakes to knockoff electronics and T-shirts, we strived out of the store to the fluorescent-lit Kabukichō.

Kabukichō was sensory overload from the moment we entered, the neon advertisement, and the sketchy guys on every corner continually stimulated our sense. We strolled along the streets trying to find out how those beautiful hosts and hostesses look for lonely customers. But all we saw were just those drunk businessmen staggering and solicitors standing still. Hosts seemed to ignore foreigners to avoid troubles, even you have Asian look, they still can recognize an Asian face from a Japanese one by your dress and the camera you hold on hand.

As time got on, there were more and more hosts and hostesses on the streets, we waited until 1:00 a.m. but still couldn’t find anyone leaving with one of the hosts, staying for only three hours seemed not enough but a scratch over the surface of Kabukichō, 1:00 a.m. was just the start of the party. Although being a red-light district, but Kabukichō makes a good walk with many things to discover, visit at night, and be cautious, after all it’s a one of the seediest areas in Japan.



The huge Don Quijote sit on the corner of Kabukichō is the best places to explore the most weird goods from sex toys to cosplay costumes all in the store.


Tens of izakaya line on the street along with sex information center right aside, so revelers can have after party handy.