The sheep land


IMG_6577Oh~Look! There is a black sheep at tail side.


This photo was taken in Cing Jing Farm, we climbed up by a rented scooter, the winding mountain road took us one and half hour to get to the farm. The weather on the mountains is like a woman’s temper, we arrived in a blue sunny day at the gate of the farm, after a while climbing up the slope, it turns to overcast sky, we found two sheep down the slope, behind them is the open view for the whole Hehuan Mountain Range, we stood and wait for a good moment while there’s not that much tourists and take a shot.




There were 400 sheep in the farm, most of the time, they were grazing the meadow, we strolled around the pasture for a good scene, and found this sheep, it bleats for a minute and attracted our attention, we followed it up the hill into the woods, the light is just right, we captured the moment it stares down the hill looking for something.