What’s So Difference in Langkawi!

What’s fun in Langkawi?

Throw away all the trivia and indulge yourself in this tropical paradise, you are now in Langkawi, a tropical island in NW Malaysia, let’s swim in the ocean, have sunbath on the beach, ride a scooter around the island, do island hopping, watch colorful sunset on the beach with barbecue on the table…, there are lists of activities you can do while you spend your 3-day vacation on this island, you will find yourself laid-back here, yes this is what Langkawi is about, to relax yourself and also get stimulated by new things which a different culture may inspire you.

Below are somethings which piece up my Langkawi memory, things I didn’t see in Asia other than Langkawi.



1. Typical Hotel Builing

Without excessive decoration, houses here are pretty simple, typical Lankawi red triangle roof and pale cream wall, palm trees alongside the houses, just like their people, warm and friendly.



2. White cat around the street

We have seen so many these lovely white kitties in Malaysia, they are so much elegant and docile, and we find out it’s because Malay likes cats a lot, more than dogs.



3. Muslim swimming suit

Malaysia is a country consist of Malay, Indian and Chinese people, we can see ethnic and religious diversity from mosque, temples in KL, different wearing of different religions on the street, and here different muslim swimming suit on the beach, is really so much different from our bikini, it’s covered from head to ankle.