Travel Guide to Yokohama ︳Tokyo

Yokohama was once  a fish village, but it turned out to be an international city ever since 1854 when Japan opened its port to international trade. Yokohama was the only port allowed to receive foreigners, after foreigners settled down here, Yokohama started to grow in population, and now was the second largest city in Japan. With a trip to the largest Chinatown in Japan, Osanbashi Pier and Minato Mirai 21 district, we could have a cursory peek into the change of a fish village into an international port.

See & Do
  • China Town. Walking into Yokohama’s Chinatown is like traveling to China, you don’t need to prepare the passport, just walk through the elaborate gates, few seconds later, you are in the country of dragon. Vendors yell to attract customers, the mouth watering smell flows every corner of the street, restaurants roofs are built with  auspicious yellow raised cornice. We stroll along the vendors with dazzling variety of street food, dumplings, pork buns, chestnuts, rice cakes and kebab, you name it.
  • Motomachi Shopping Street. The street is lined up with many Yokohama traditional fashion brand shops, check out the clothing,  antique,  furniture, jewelry there.
  • Red Brick Ware House. A historical building, now is a shopping mall, banquet hall, and event venue.
  • Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden’s night scene. Watching night scene is never on my  travel Must-Go list, but it has been reversed after I was elevated up to Sky Garden, I fell in love with the harbor scene immediately,Minato Mirai 21 is embellished with resplendent colors which give the harbor a bright future. If you are already in Yokohama, make your way to the observatory “Sky Garden” on the 69th floor of Yokohama Landmark Tower. The highest observation deck in Japan really worth the yen.

I’ll let the photos speak for the beautiful scene.


The red pillar with elaborate yellow roof represents the emperors in China.


We are heading to the Motomachi Shopping Street.


Chinese steamed buns, you will find lots of stands selling them in China town, the size was super bigger than in China, and not so oil.


We arrived Motomachi Shopping Street, locals told me they loved this street a lot.


Motomachi Shopping Street was very near Yamashita Park, it took us 5 minute walk to this beautiful harbor.


I liked this constructive picture.


The Red Brick Warehouse hold event on weekend, we enjoyed a fun Japanese show there.




street performers acting The Scream on queen square



Views from Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal


Watch sunset view from Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal.



Night Scene from 69F Sky Garden